In a genre which can be considered over-saturated, it’s refreshing to hear Sneeze’s take.
— Matt Jamison, Bearded Gentlemen Music
[Sneeze] evoke specific feelings regarding the seasons, and the weather. It’s something I put pictures too.
— Adam Gerhold, 36 Vultures
‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’ is a garage punk masterpiece filled with chaotic instrumentation and organized in such a way that the LP is still as fluid and cohesive as possible. It’s organized chaos in the best possible way.
— Matt Bergeron, Modern Vinyl

Sneeze are a grunge trio based in Allston, MA formed in 2010.

Although taking influence from many of the big-name grunge bands of the early 90s, the band take modern grunge back to it's lo-fi, raw, punk roots. 

Close to Home teamed up with Sneeze back in 2013 to co-release their debut LP alongside Midnight Werewolf Records, which is run by vocalist Derek Desharnais. 

The album had already been released online, which is how I initially found out about the band. I emailed them asking if they had any plans to release the record physically and they were currently half way through planning a vinyl release themselves. We figured out we could split the costs on a run of 500 with 200 staying with me in the UK and 300 heading to the band in the US.

Sneeze kickstarted the era of this label which furthered Close to Home from being just a kid making CDs in his bedroom, so for that I am eternally grateful for them letting me put our logo on their record. 

After the release of the album, Sneeze went on to join Glory Kid for the release of their second record, Wilt, as well as follow-up EP Rot


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