[Leatherneck combine] the slow-burning rumble of latter day Title Fight with grittier, pacier moments.
— Rock Sound
Any time I feel like blissing out for a bit, Lighting Up the Tilt Sign is probably going to score a spin.
— Kate Campbell, The Punk Archive

Leatherneck are an alternative four-piece band from Chesire. They are known for blending elements of shoegaze, 90s alternative and grunge together to form their own unique take on the alternative genre.

After previously releasing a single through FITA Records (Moose Blood, The Winter Passing), Leatherneck teamed up with Close to Home to bring you their debut EP Lighting Up The Tilt Sign

Between coverage in Rock Sound Magazine and airtime on BBC's Radio 1 Rock Show, it has become apparent that their spin on the dreary modern alternative genre is one you might want to check out.


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