Forrest are a five piece band from Neath, South Wales. They built their sound on a foundation of pop-punk and have been progressing from that ever since. 

After the release of their split 7" with The Winter Passing in 2012, Forrest had seemingly all but disappeared. Although the band still had an album planned, they had no idea when it would come to fruition.

We started planning to work with Forrest on the album all the way back in 2014. The band weren't fully finished recording it yet, so we both knew it'd be a long process before actually having it out, but we also know it would be worth the wait.

Soluna showcases the band's finest work to date and was finally released digitally via Close to Home in July 2015.

Forrest are the latest in a long, illustrious line of bands to emerge from [Wales]. But if you think that means you have a handle on what they sound like, be prepared to check your preconceptions at the door.
— Rob Mair, Already Heard
This record sounds like how driving through the Alps feels. It’s huge and soaring and it swells and rises in all the right places. If you don’t know Forrest yet, you soon will.
— Conor Mackie, Punktastic


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