[Dearist are] not just another ‘–esque’ band to place in the back catalogue. There’s something else there. Something that bypasses the initial alt rock checklist.
— Emma Matthews, Upset Magazine
Keep an eye on this dynamic quintet – they’re going to be huge.
— Jess Tagliani, Punktastic

Formed in the sleepy midland city of Wolverhampton, Dearist started out as a studio side project for Kyoto Drive's Adam Binder, quickly becoming his main focus. Completing the line up in 2014, they began bulking out some of the existing song ideas Binder had laid down to create their debut 7" single Get What You Want which was released later in 2014.

In 2015, the band teamed up with Close to Home to bring you their debut album, This House Has No Windows, presenting a British take on the sounds akin to American pioneers Fugazi, Rival Schools and Thursday. 

A phrase as broad as emo doesn’t quite encapsulate the scope of Binder’s writing – to describe it as “emotional” would be selling it short, rather this is truly emotive and dynamic rock music with an anxious intensity that bubbles below the surface, a sense of suburban unrest that brushes uneasily up against the sprawling of concrete and the claustrophobia of modern inner-city life.


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