Foxing Share Chilling Dido Cover Along With Election Statement

The Saint-Louis-based five piece outfit had a statement all lined up ready to post along with the cover, but the election vote changed their perspective at last minute.

Originally, the track was intended to raise funds for Foxing following the financial troubles they have suffered since their van accident last week, though in the statement they explain that the result of the election has overshadowed their financial issues:

This was supposed to be a completely different post. It was a statement about our van accident last week and the subsequent financial hit we took. It was a statement about a song we put together and new merchandise for sale in an attempt to recover. It was finalized several days ago and was completely ready to go out to the world; however, waking up this morning everything written felt wrong and vastly unimportant. Our financial troubles feel rightfully eclipsed by something larger.

The band also go on to comment on how they originally saw the song as just a love song, yet after the election it has taken on a new meaning to them personally:

On the surface it is a pop song about love and yada yada, but right now, for us, “White Flag” is about refusing to give up; it’s about overcoming and fighting until the last breath.

You can stream and download the cover below, as well as reading the full statement from the band. 

You can keep up to date with Foxing via Twitter [here].