Close to Home is an artist collective and blog dedicated to underground and independent music. We also release music via digital formats as well as vinyl, CD and cassette.

Free music is a big deal to us and almost all of our current releases are available for free download, and we will continue to make this a priority where possible.

We also like to put on shows in and around London whenever we can.

Thanks for checking us out, I hope you stick around.

- Joe

(Sound different to the Close to Home you remember? Keep reading...)

Close to Home Records was formed in 2012 through a love of underground music. You can find out more about it's inception [here].

Over time I noticed the need for independent record labels, at a certain level, dwindling. It became almost impossible for Close to Home Records to help an artist develop without them outgrowing us. 

Although it's great that we could help a band that much, which is the aim after all, the downside is that it leaves us as bit of a stepping stone rather than a destination... and who wants to be a stepping stone?

What I'm saying is, there are loads of people and companies already doing what I was trying to do as a record label and not only had they been doing it for longer, they had a more desirable name to be attached to and a wider-audience platform to boot.

So, as of November 2016, instead of offering just another independent record label, we offer a central hub for audiences and bands alike.